Douglas Humpherey - President
Laura Gramlich - Vice President
Laura Williams - Executive Board
David Diehl - Treasurer
Mike Mehlhaff - Past President
Cristie Rhorer Hoff - Secretary
John Kartsonis - Board Member
Johnny Kartsonis - Board Member
Tim Casey - Board Member 
A Letter from the Alumni President: 
To my fellow Kemper alumni, first I would like to wish all of you happy holiday and season greetings. In just a couple more weeks the new Kemper Alumni website will be unveiled.  We will have more capabilities on this website and will better than any other website we've owned in the past.  Thanks to Old Boy Chris Moos and his generosity and unselfish act of kindness. All it took was one phone call to Chris and the site immediately began being built! Thank you Chris and I challenge more of our alumni to step up and help us put Kemper back in her right place.  My staff and I have worked tirelessly to make you proud.  I pray you are as proud of us as we are of you! 
We had a record breaking turnout at the reunion this year.  I received an official headcount of 115 people at the banquet!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing your love for Kemper and love for your fellow alumni.  I love the Kemper pride each of you displayed during the reunion weekend and in your everyday life.  I witnessed the closeness of alumni that hadn't seen each other in years (some hadn't seen each other in 20 plus years)and it seemed that little time had passed since you stood with your brothers and sisters from your era.  I heard wisdom being passed from generation to generation and the eagerness to learn from our seniors and the willingness from the seniors class to pass along life's lessons. A special thanks Ken Burrows, Glenn Harwell, Tom Gerber, 1st Sgt Gatewood, 1st Sgt Sloan Mr. Lutz, Gregg Early, Jim Devine, James Herring, James Miles Greg Bunch, Greg Martin, Barbara Anderson, Gary Blankenship, General Dennis Rogers, Chris Stabile, Mike Stepto, Thomas Beddow, Chad Durbin, Bhisham Perti, Chris Harmon, and all the alumni that gave of themselves to make this reunion happen and happen BIG!  I know I missed some people, but your help and words of kindness and wisdom does not go unnoticed.   
KEMPER ALUMNI - you are truly the “wind beneath” the alumni board’s wings. WE NEED YOU!  We need each other to survive and flourish as a strong association. What we do now, will impact our future for years to come. Will you help us?  Will you donate?  Many of you have donated already, but we need more.  We are offering differing types of Alumni Memberships on our new website and I encourage you to become an official member!    There is a bond that will forever tie us together both young and old - male and female alike!  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
Until next time, 
Douglas Humpherey
President KMS Alumni Association
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